From night-out boots to daytime sneakers, this men's footwear range keeps you on your toes. Pick from creative colour combos, premium materials and comfy fits.

H-SHIROKI CHE, Light Brown - Boots
H-SHIROKI HB, Military Green - Boots
H-SHIKA HB, White/Grey - Sneakers
S-TYCHE LL, Black/White - Sneakers
S-TYCHE LL, White/Yellow - Sneakers
H-WOODKUT BT, Black - Boots
S-YUK MC, Yellow/Black - Sneakers
S-YUK MC, Green/Blue - Sneakers
S-YUK MC, Light Blue - Sneakers
S-YUK MC, White/Black - Sneakers
S-YUK MC, Orange/Black - Sneakers
S-YUK MC, Black/Yellow - Sneakers
S-CLEVER LOW LACE, Black/Orange - Sneakers
S-CLEVER LOW LACE, White/Yellow - Sneakers
S-CLEVER LOW LACE, White/Blue - Sneakers
S-CLEVER LOW LACE, Black/Green - Sneakers

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