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The inspiration for Perf came from a long way away, from the perforated lamps of the North African tradition given a contemporary twist. All metal, light and easy to carry, Perf stands out at a glance with its perforated diffuser in a highly pronounced shape which brings to mind an armour visor or an animal’s beak. Its holes trace out a design which flicker from regular to irregular giving the light passing through a hazy, magical appearance which can accompany you through all the various moments in your day: in bedroom or living spaces, for reading or studying. In fact, Perf is also available as a wall lamp, or as a reading or table lamp, with an adjustable diffuser for simultaneously suffused yet direct light.

Diesel - PERF FLOOR, Multicolor  - Lighting - Image 1
Diesel - PERF FLOOR, Multicolor  - Lighting - Image 2